5 reasons to centrally manage email signatures with Sigilium

and make it a powerful communication channel!

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1. Integration

Add synced email signatures to your workflow

With the largest range of integrations, Sigilium helps you get all company's email signatures synced to your workflow.

Whether you're 100% Google / 100% Microsoft Office 365 / using another email service. Or with various systems used depending on people.

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2. Opportunities

Deliver announcements where professional contacts read you

Every year, each of your co-workers sends 2.000 emails outside of the company.

Attention matters! Take advantage of these important exchanges with qualified contacts to deliver announcements.

3. Branding

Guarantee graphical consistency and design for all signatures

Guarantee graphical consistency on every email signature. Automatically deploy changes in branding. Manage email signature templates as you want :

  • Use and edit available templates
  • Use an HTML editor
  • Benefit from custom made templates
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4. A measurable communication channel

Deliver announcements and mesure their visibility

Schedule, segment and deploy announcements. Centrally organised.

Measure the click rate for every announcement. Analyse trafic on your website.

5. Onboarding

Automate onboarding
for new employees

Help the HR team ease onboarding of your new co-workers, by having the email signature already available.

  • Sync Sigilium with your Active Directory
  • Automatically create email signatures for new employees
  • De-activate accounts automatically too

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