Use Email Signatures as a channel for your communication strategy

Standardize and unify your company's email signatures

Ensure graphical consistency of all your company's email signatures. Automatically deploy changes in branding. Manage multiple brands and entities from your dashboard.

Standardize and unify
 your company's email signatures

Deliver information where valuable contacts read your message

Every year, each of your co-workers sends 2.000 emails outside of your company. Take advantage of these important exchanges between your company and qualified contacts.

2000 Emails per year
outside your company
x 150 Coworkers
= 300 000 Marketing opportunities

Easily segment announcements to deliver relevant content

Broadcast different announcement according to: brands, location or job expertise. Benefit from automatic suggestions on co-worker's selection when creating a new announcement.

Easily segment announcements to deliver relevant content

Follow the audience of your announcements and analyze their traffic

From your dashboard, measure click rate on each announcement. Review email signatures click rate on Google Analytics.

Follow the audience of your announcements and analyze their traffic

The most versatile integration on the market

Messaging services Benefit from native integration with Google Workspace (ex GSuite), Outlook, Office 365. Have your dynamic email signatures integrated with all professional email clients.

CRMs For sales or support teams, connect Sigilium with your CRM or shared inbox, and send emails using unified email signatures.

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What decisionmakers say about Sigilium email signatures

⭐️ Sigilium has been elected in the TOP 10 of productivity softwares by GetApp (Gartner) ! ⭐️

Excellent signature management solution at a very affordable price point. Seamless integration. Excellent customer service. Most secure solution we could find. It just works!
Barry H.
Head of IT, TIME Magazine
Les équipes sont enthousiastes et impliquées sur ce nouveau média. Chaque marque se sent valorisée au sein du groupe et vient proposer des contenus à diffuser.
Julie Dutreuil
Responsable Marketing, Eckes Granini
Nous travaillons avec Sigilium pour gérer l'ensemble des signatures emails de l’agence. Les résultats sont ceux recherchés, la promesse produit est tenue à 100% : simplicité, efficacité.
Romain Collinet
CEO, Willie Beamen