Have meetings scheduled directly from your email signatures

Simplify planning meetings with your contacts

Thanks to this new Sigilium feature you can help your professional contacts to schedule a meeting in your calendar, when you're available. Directly from your email signature!

 Simplify planning meetings 
 with your contacts

How to add this Meeting button

Edit your Sigilium email signature and add a meeting button. Define the purpose (meeting, online demo, support), then link it to your calendar. You're done! The button is now added to your signature.

For whom?
Make your sales team more productive helping them to interact directly with prospects: when people schedule a demo, they might soon become new customers.
Also, help your Customer Success teams, or Support teams be responsive.

Edit my signature > add > validate
an employee can activate/deactivate the feature anytime.

Share predefined time slots in your calendar

Take advantage of solutions that help you share selected time slot of your calendar:

Calendly or Vyte are nice solutions. CRM's like Hubspot help sync the calendar inside the tool. For each solution free versions exist!

Discover partners:

Share predefined time slots in your calendar
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