Deploying Sigilium sync email signatures on Gmail

The Trace Group usecase

A multi-brand company with an international presence

TRACE is an international media group specialized in afro-urban music and entertainment. With 24 pay channels, radio stations, digital and mobile services, TRACE reaches a multicultural audience of 200 million people in 160 countries.

Launched in 2003 after the acquisition of the eponymous magazine, TRACE has become the leading media brand for afro-urban culture worldwide, and especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, the West Indies and Indian Ocean.

What Sigilium changed

TRACE used a static standardized email signature template. Marketing had prepared, but never deployed, a new signature template.

With the implementation of Sigilium, business teams were able to make this project happen, and imagine this channel as a double level of communication: local, with an adequate segmentation by country/entity, and global, with announcements that can be deployed on the signatures of all users from the headquarters.

  • segment signatures per country/brand
  • help country marketing managers broadcast targeted communications
  • deliver relevant messages to valuable contacts and stakeholders
  • measure the traffic acquired
 A multi-brand company 
 with an international presence

Seamless implementation, centralized deployment

Thanks to a native integration with Google Workspace API, Sigilium new email signatures were easily and seamlessly deployed for users: prior to deployment, employees discovered their new email signature, and had the opportunity to edit it. On D-day, the new email signatures were automatically deployed on Gmail for all 15 entities.

Mobile sync: on iOS Gmail and Mail, users had the opportunity to benefit from a synced email for their iPhones/iPad.

Seamless implementation, centralized deployment

Helping marketing teams supervise brand image and banners

Local / Global
Dual level of entities administration

Today, the communication and marketing managers of the various entities are each in charge of a scope of users. With the appropriate administrator access, they can deploy relevant communications to their market, in the right language. All this in a few clicks.

At headquarter, At headquarter, general administrators have a general overview of the activity. They can also supervise and deploy a general corporate message, manage admin access and instantly relay the evolution of the brand in case of change.

Helping marketing teams supervise brand image and banners

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