Migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

A seamless transition for Motul users

Support a messaging service evolution

Motul centralises the management of its email signatures with Sigilium since 2015. And it does so for all its branches worldwide. The first deployment of signatures was achieved using Google Workspace. Back then, users were all using Gmail.

From Google to Microsoft

But following a decision by the IT teams, all users switched to the Microsoft environment, and therefore to Outlook email on PC or Mac.

Support a messaging service evolution

A seamless transition

Developed for a range of email software and CRM, Sigilium allowed the IT teams to switch from one environment to another seamlessly for the users’ email exchanges.

In concrete terms,

  • The centralized management platform remained the same for the marketing teams
  • The major changes initiated by IT could be carried out gradually, without impacting either the design of the signatures or the centralized distribution of ads.
  • During the transition period, email signatures were updated on Gmail and Outlook.

Advantages of the Sigilium approach

Being installed at messaging service level helps easily manage email signature even with various messaging services in use.

A seamless transition

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