Supporting a rebranding

The Commanders Act usecase


Commanders Act (previously Tag Commanders) contacted Sigilium one week before officially launching their rebranding. Their goal was to implement the new identity in all email signatures of the company and take advantage of this powerful communication relay. The challenge was to improve the perception of their expertise through strategic repositioning, including through this change of name.

Support and deployment of the new identity

Sigilium helped deploy the new brand image to all users, on the day of launch, by centralising the management of signatures (design, messages and updates).

A powerful tool to establish this change in a space that is the first showcase of the brand: email exchanges with Commanders Act contacts

  • D-5: meeting with the team
  • D-3: creation of new signatures
  • D Day: deployment to all users

Visible results

Graphical consistency Sigilium instantly normalised the new signatures for the teams located in 4 countries in Europe.

Visibility At D+21, 106 clicks to know more / 16,745 views.

Time saved 11 to 13 hours saved for users (in accrued installations) + 2 days of preparation for the change for the IT and Communication teams beforehand.


Marketing and communication teams have a tool to centrally manage and deploy one or several communications in less than 5 minutes, and measure its visibility by concrete users.