Create and deploy wishes message, in a minute

December 13, 2018

Create and deploy wishes message, in a minute

You're preparing a best wishes message?
Here is how Sigilium can help you be efficient:

A good sentence is always powerful
Connect to Sigilium, take your best quill / keyboard, and write a short text message. Stay concise to give your idea more strength. Now the only thing you have to do is to choose which co-workers will broadcast this message to it's interlocutors. And Sigilium will do the rest. Wanna link it to a dedicated video, gif or page of your website? No problem, just enter your url.

About your banner or video
You can also prepare and upload a nice banner announcing your message or your video.

Get multiple messages
if you have different branches or brands in your company, you can distribute particular messages for each segment and assign relevant message for each co-workers.

Schedule messages is key!
With Sigilium you can plan the start and the ending date of each announcement. A nice way to avoid your team broadcasting a best wishes message on February or March.

Try Sigilium.