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Thanks to  LastingCards  everyone at your company can use interactive and always up to date, Business Cards when they need them.
Be impactful when it's important.

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Why use  LastingCards  as a Business Card ?

Lasting and Affordable
Simplify the logistic

Production, usage, duration: Win at every level !
With a single order, provide your whole team with business cards

Always up to date
Your cards up to date, forever

Manage your information directly through the platform, an excel import or sync them with your Active Directory! (Azure Ad, Google Workspace, Lucca or via our API!)

Clear call to actions for your contacts

Allow a new contact to directly save your card in his contacts, to planify his next meeting through a shared calendar or to discoter your latest news

Business Cards for everyone

An employee only take part to an event per year? He will have cards to hand out

How does it work?

1. Create your account

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2. Define the design of your cards

Upload a picture for the recto, QrCodes are automatically generated with your company's colors

3. Place your order

Select a delivery address and pay
You can now leave the box in the lobby of your company so anyone can activate his card!